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Carpet Cleaning in Parramatta and Surrounding Suburbs

An expert Carpet Cleaning Company that places quality service and quality results at the forefront of any job is sometimes hard to find.

However, it is the foundation of how we work, which is probably why we always come up in the 3 top carpet cleaners whenever somebody shops around for a Parramatta Carpet Cleaning crew.

  • Speed

  • Quality

  • Service

  • I have never had my carpets so clean before

    Ava White

    Your health is important

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    We know you spend a lot of time in your home, so to help you stay in your best health, offer a huge variety of carpet cleaning services, ensuring your home is left spotless and hygienic every time.

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Leather Cleaning

  • Mattress Cleaning

  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

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    Domestic and Commercial Cleaning

    Our technicians are experts and can handle almost any job size, ranging from Residential Premises to Small Business Properties. 


    Steam Cleaning Services

    Quality Residential Carpet Cleaning and Commercial Premises Cleaning


    Professional On-site Rug Cleaning

    The infestation of unwanted germs and bugs in your rugs and carpets is instantly neutralised with our higgly effective cleaning process


    Quality Upholstery Cleaning

    Fabric and Leather Upholstery Service for both residential and domestic requirements

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    Carpet Cleaner - Parramatta Service area

    Pest Control and Carpet Hygiene

    It is widely known that the "dirt and dust" that sits in the base of our carpet is NOT just dirt and dust. When we analyse the gunk in our floorings, we a mess consisting of dead skin cells, hair, dead bugs, faecal coliform, pollen, and much more.

    So, while it is obvious to everyone that having your carpets cleaned regularly is necessary for great health and resistance to viruses, it should also be noted that lice, ticks, carpet bugs, dust mites and bed bugs all love this "dirt" in our floorings. And seeing as how we lay on our floors and we have friends, pets and family do the same we should really consider cleaning carpets and rugs more often.

    Hygienic Virus Killing Carpet Cleaning Sydney Wide

    We follow strict COVID 19 protocols, and the products we use are known to kill 99.99% of germs. 

    Steam and heat have also proven effective against Corona Viruses

    Our Professional staff are certified and trained by IICRC in accordance with Australian Standards 3733 and ISO 14001

    The Best Carpet Cleaners Parramatta Has Ever Seen

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    explain exactly what we can do for you!


    No job too big or too small

    We value that you as a customer, and while we may have a minimum call out fee, we do not turn down jobs for being too small


    Pet and Environmentally Friendly

    We understand that pets can bring miscroscopic nasties into the house, but they're out babies so we can't yell at them.  Instead, let us remove their mess and restore your carpets and coverings to their deserved glory.  Let us know how you want to handle your pet when we arrive, and we will work with you both.


    Furniture moved

    Yes, we work around your furniture, and if it's a safe size, we will move it, popping it back with plastic coasters under it's legs to protect the base and legs from picking up any moisture.

    We respect your home like it's our own.

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    Why you should choose us

    We care about our customers and we do our best to exceed expectations

  • Family owned and operated

  • We've been in the business for quite some time, originally in Canberra and extended Parramatta

  • Our team works to be the best7

  • While we only employ humans, and not demi-gods, we do expect out of this world results from your staff, and they always get the results

  • Speed and quality

  • We value your time and will be ultra efficient, and we know you value a quality job, so we balance that with effectiveness to provide a perfect result every time. 

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    What carpet cleaning machine is best - a professional carpet cleaner or a rental unit?

    Let's look at our truck mounted, engine powered high pressure, high suction steam cleaning unit

    • Our machine operates at extremely high temperatures to sanitise against harmful bacteria and germs and promote rapid evaporation/drying

    • Our truck mounted machines continually run fresh water through the steam head to ensure 100% clean water supply

    • The suction of a truck mounted steam cleaning unit is set to a remarkably high pressure to suck dirt, grime, skin cells, bacteria, etc from the BASE of the carpet where a soft suction like a vacuum cleaner cannot reach

    • When you use an expert carpet cleaning company they come with a plethora of experience and tooling knowledge which will guarantee the best, and safest, results on your floor covering, rug, or upholstery

    • We are insured for damages that may occur

    Let's look at a rental unit

    • A HIRE machine usually operates at tepid temperatures, or requires you to pour "hot" water in from a bucket - we all know that tap water is just barely hot enough to kill germs

    • A hire machine will require you to pour water in from your tap. This water is then passed into the carpet, where it is then sucked back up or left there to dry

    • A hired machine will usually have the same suction as a vacuum cleaner, which is purely because it runs off an electric motor and not an engine. This limited suction invariably leaves dirt at the base of the carpet and fails to pick up all the moisture left in the fibres, risking water damage, and browning of your beautiful, expensive floor coverings

    • When you do use a subpar machine, and have limited knowledge and experience, it is quite possible that the result will be nothing like you want

    • It is quite possible that damage to your coverings, such as dampness and browning, could occur. PLUS, there is no insurance against this sort of damage...

    "I cant say enough good things about these guys, they run a great crew and do incredible work!

    Will Coleys
    Pennant Hills

    ''Highly recommended, this team had all the carpet in my entire office areas done in record time. If I were to do it again, I would choose the same crew asap''

    Beta Viminstone

    So, other than what we just said up top, what's stopping me from just being a carpet cleaner for the day and doing it myself?

    There's nothing stopping you from doing that at all and if that is the choice you make, we recommend the "Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution" for it's great price and suction. That being said, it is still pretty much a strong wet/dry vacuum cleaner that is limited by bucket water and capped suction.

    And I can appreciate how you may feel when you clean carpets yourself as I quite enjoy the challenge when I am faced with an expensive, well loved luxury carpet full of unusual stains and built in grime. I know full well that the carpet investment was probably quite high, and that the value of the carpet or rug I am dealing with is huge compared to anything else in the house - which means no mistakes!

    THAT is when we can really show people why we are so good at what we do. We have the tools, we have the skills, we have the years of knowledge and training that allows us to recognise a carpet type straight off the bat, then know exactly carpet cleaning method is best to remove that stubborn stain that has been ground in, without making it worse or destroying the carpet.

    Of course, when we combine things like that pet stain that your favourite furbaby dropped, or the tough stains that appeared for no reason, we fully understand how to combine hot water extraction, a rigourous well planned cleaning process and professional carpet cleaner solutions to maximise the stain removal from the carpet fibres, and make your dirty carpet clean again.

    So, what Carpet Cleaning Solution can I use?

    Well, if you are doing the job yourself, there are a few consumer products out there, with each one saying it's suitable for the machine you use. There are also some DIY mothers' tips floating around on the internet, but the way a carpet manufacturer make carpet these days, it's safe to say that you should steer clear of homemade solutions.

    We, however, mix our own, and nope, you're not getting that! We can give you a personal, pre-mixed bottle of our proprietary stain remover if you remind us, but further than that, our secret sauces are designed specifically for us to use, and our carpet cleaning service dictates that a unique mix is tailored for every job we are faced with.


    What do you mean "tailored for every job?"

    Well carpet isn't just carpet.

    Jute cannot be cleaned the same as wool, and wool is different to nylon, and of course they're both different to rice carpet. 

    As such, EVERY job gets its own batch of cleaning solutions, perfect for that specific carpet clean job.


    Do you steam clean carpets?

    Yes. When we combine our expert carpet cleaning staff with the correct equipment, the correct techniques and tailored carpet cleaning product, we find we can steam almost anything. "Almost"?

    Imagine you have spilled blood on expensive wool carpet, and you have tried to mop it up yourself, accidentally spreading it wider, seeping deeper and overall, making it much worse.

    The next step is usually a phone call to A Parramatta carpet cleaning Company, requesting their professional carpet cleaning service in the hope that they will get the carpet steam cleaned. And a less professional carpet cleaner would probably get straight into steaming that blood stain without looking a little deeper. But what we would do is determine how high-pressure steam would affect the fluid still in there.

    Maybe we should just use high pressure SUCTION only, that way we don't push the blood stain further down into the carpet base, underlay and floorboards? OR could we use a low-pressure heat and high suction to minimise that from happening?

    WRONG ON BOTH ACCOUNTS. Heat makes blood congeal, making it bond further to the fibres of the carpet, making it almost impossible to clean, and unnecessary suction could make the blood spread outwards. So how would we do it?


    So, how DO I clean Blood off Carpet?


    That's a good question.

    There are several ways that you could attack this yourself, and many people have stated that it is no different to how to get blood out of sheets or how to get blood out of mattress covers.

    We personally won't advise you to wash blood out of anything yourself (for obvious litigation reasons) however Amanda Garrity wrote a nice article back in Jan 2020 covering "expert" techniques that you may be able to trial yourself.

    We do carpet cleaning Sydney wide and we have found that our cleaning solutions, combined with low moisture carpet cleaning techniques (like dry carpet cleaning) works perfectly. 

    The concept is like the old servicemaster clean commercial carpet cleaning process and even though that is the pinnacle or cleaning, we apply the process to ALL jobs:

    • We prepare the area around the stain, collecting anything that is on the surface.

    • We apply a solution that starts breaking down the blood stain at a molecular level.

    • Once we see the blood breaking down, we apply an encapsulating solution to the area. This solution encapsulates (picks up and surrounds in a foam) the blood particles bringing them to the surface of the fibres so that we can collect them in Stage 4.

    • We use a specially designed cotton massaging pad and machine that rotates at a low speed. This allows us to hit every side of the fibre, ensuring the effectiveness of the cleanse while generating a light frictional heat that causes a 24-hour slow-release chemical reaction to begin which combats any let over staining within the carpet.


    Upholstery Cleaning Service


    Upholstery cleaning is something that many of us forget about...until our leather lounge feels...icky, or the armchair has an obvious colour change. And by then the damage is usually done. But they can be saved, and we love, love, LOVE doing before and after photos of how these things come up.

    Now, we can steam clean sofa lounges, bed heads, upholstered chairs, and foot stools, if they are fabric, however sometimes we opt for a low moisture cleanse instead, and therefore. Underneath the upholstery is a wood and/or metal base. Now, imagine moisture seeping through the fabric covering, dropping on to the base, and then consider where that moisture goes...well, where CAN it go? Sunlight won't reach it, a blower fan or dryer won't either, so in our professional assessment EVERY TIME, we will determine whether to use steam or low moisture. Is one better than the other? Well, in the hands of an unexperienced cleaner, it could swing either way, but when we do it, the results are always optimal.

    And of course, you could always try and clean the fabric yourself, perhaps by using an upholstery cleaner bunnings stocks, or even with the spot cleaner we provide, however unless you do this daily, the risk the chance of damaging your upholstery by over wetting it, or at the other end of the scale, possibly getting no results at all.


    Leather Lounge Cleaning


    Of course, we don't limit ourselves to just leather cleaning lounges, but it is one of the first items people think of when they call us. We specialise in cleaning all 5 types of leather, whether it be light or dark, new, or aged, and on a lounge or a stool.

    Our leather cleaning solutions gently penetrate the grain of the leather, encapsulating the ingrained dirt and grime, sweat and body oil, bringing them all to the surface in a foamy essence, where our expert carpet cleaning staff can use cotton cloths to entrap the dirt, and leave the epidermis and surface of the leather spotless.

    Once we have the leather cleaned, we then moisturise the leather, allowing our moisturising cream to soften the leather again, filling the pores and leaving a protective coating to protect your investment.


    Rug Cleaning


    While we are not called the rug doctor, we do indeed know how to bring your rugs back to life. As expert carpet cleaners we come across all types of floor coverings, and rugs are by far the most versatile. Our carpet cleaning equipment is certainly suitable for many types of rugs, however for those more delicate designs, we insist that we do them by hand to ensure their safety.

    We often hear of customers asking about carpet dry cleaning for rugs, and while that technique is effective to a certain extent, the powder that remains will eventually build up and affect the integrity of the rug, forcing you to use steam carpet cleaning techniques to extract the remnants.

    What we recommend is a low moisture clean for many cases, with steam cleaning being a strong backup if the rugs are grimy.


    Can you provide Carpet Protector?

    While carpet steam cleaning and low moisture both do an incredible job of cleaning floor coverings, you really should consider applying a protectant to the fibres of your carpet or rug, and even upholstery, so that the skin, dust, grime, etc has a hard time penetrating the fibres again.

    We can apply the protector to your items as soon as we have finished cleaning, and you will find that your carpets, rugs, and upholstery are easier to vacuum and stay cleaner for up to 18 months after application.

    Do you sell Carpet Shampoo?

    No, we don't, however we do have 500ml bottles of our proprietary spot cleaner solution available for purchase.

    Ask your technician when they arrive.

    Are you Domestic or Commercial Carpet Cleaners?

    We are both, and we indeed specialise in across both areas, but in the world of domestic cleaning we know there a so many under skilled carpet cleaning companies out there misleading people.

    So we concentrate on homes when we can as we want to make sure everyone gets a great value, great quality cleanse.

    Expert Cleaning Staff

    What make us different to the average carpet cleaning company is our team of expert cleaning staff. Whether they be dealing with your commercial carpet or your mothers prized afghan rug, they pay attention to the job at hand, respecting your carpet investment.

    And because they respect your carpet like their own, they make sure they select the precise cleaning method required for that's in front of them.

    Our team does the following in their professional caroet cleaning service


    They wear shoe covers (like doctors, lol) so as to prevent small dirt particles from entering the carpet before, during and after the clean. They can provide them for you too.


    All the equipment is regularly service and designed to have low impact on your walls, skirtings, and stairs.


    We vacuum the carpets, rugs and upholstery with hospital grade vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters, ensuring that all unnecessary particles are removed.


    Each carpet fibre is then coated with our class leading encapsulation cleaning solution.

    That solution is massaged in on all sides to ensure a deep clean, preparing the carpet base for the deep suction it will receive


    We then steam clean and extract the grime, dust particles and germs for your health.

    Or use a low moisture clean, whichever is best suited to your needs and premises.


    We then use commercial air blowers to force the carpet, rug, and upholstery to dry rapidly.

    This ensure that you don't get damp stains and water damage on your property, and can relax on your lounge, and carpet within hours, not days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the answers to most common questions

    How does carpet cleaning help with allergies?

    As mentioned above, allergens are quite often foreign particles that our body want to reject. They consist of dust, dirt particles, hair, insect bodies, faeces, and more.

    How many days will my carpets be wet?

    Our process is designed to have your carpets dry WITHIN hours, not days.  We control all fluid supply to be at the optimal levels and use high powered air blowers to force feed the air across the surface, drying it

    How long will cleaning my carpets and upholstery take?

    We recommend to allow a minimum 1 hour, and advise you that all jobs will be performed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

    Do my kids and pets need to leave the house or not?

    No, we can cetainly work around your family.  It is, afterall, your home.